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Hi! My name is Naeemah. I am a Philadelphia based certified holistic health & wellness coach with a passion for sustainable health. I believe that through plant based eating, proper nutrition & mindfulness you can create balanced life. 


If losing weight and getting healthy were as easy as it sounds, wouldn't we all be healthy, fit and at our ideal weight by now?


The problem isn’t so much about not knowing what to do, but more about the mental blocks that stop us from actually doing it. What makes us pick junk food over vegetables and hit the snooze button instead of hitting the gym? I love working with busy women who are ready to dig a little deeper, commit to themselves and take their health to the next level!

Are you ready to Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit?



Plant Based Nutrition 

Mindset Coaching 

Healthy Cooking / Meal planning


Sugar Elimination